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  Piers Morgan went after musician John Legend for his updated rendition of Baby, Its Cold Outside, calling on him to rewrite the filth that his rapper friends include in their music.

  Last week, it was revealed that Legend and The Voice colleague Kelly Clarkson were collaborating to revamp the classic 1944 Christmas tune; its lyrics have sparked debate in recent years over the issue ofconsent, and several radio stations have pulled the song from its airwaves.

  In the originaltune,a woman same: I really cant stay, to which a manresponded: But baby, its cold outside. In another part of a song, thewoman was heard singing lines likeSay whats in this drink?The answer is no and Ive gotta get home.

  For his version, Legend updated the lyrics with Nathasha Rothwell, a star of HBOs Insecure.

  What will my friends think ...Clarkson sings in the updated version.

  I think they should rejoice,Legend says.

  ... if I have one more drink?

  Its your bodyand your choice.


  Defenders of theFrank Loesser-written song slammed the #MeToo rendition, including Morgan, who expressed his disapproval in a column published in The Daily Mail.

  Theres nothing sleazy about it, or nasty, or even remotely problematic to quote the ghastly buzzword of modern-day political correctness, Morgan said about this favorite Christmas song. Its fun, sexy, playful, and both the man and woman are completely in control of their own actions during the mutually enjoyable and totally consensual experience... Its called seduction.

  Morgan slammed the super woke saying theyre permanently offended virtue-signalers who dont represent the 99.9 percent of people who liked the song as it was.

  He then took aim at Legend, who he claimed was Hollywoods self-appointed Virtue-Signaler-In-Chief, and called his new song a load of nauseating PC-crazed tripe.

  The Daily Mail editor-at-large invoked how Legend met hispublicity-mad swimsuit model wifeChrissy Teigen, which was on the set of his 2007 music video Stereo.

  He was the most powerful man on set, the star and therefore effectively, the boss.She was an impressionable 21-year-old model hired to work alongside him, Morgan wrote.

  Im not an expert on the whiter-than-white standards of super-woke behavior, but by Legend and Teigens own yardstick, isnt every part of this story highly problematic? Older, powerful boss sleeping with [a] young employee after they work together? The CEO of McDonalds just got fired for doing exactly that.

  Morgan then questioned why Legend chose to rewrite Baby, Its Cold Outside instead of theshockingly sexist and misogynist lyrics from rap songs, citing crude lyrics from Snoop Dogg, Eminem, and Kanye West.


  Yet John Legend hasnt suggested rewriting any of these songs. Why could that be? Morgan asked. Oh wait, its because theyre all performed by his good friends.So, as with most woke campaigns, this one is riddled with sanctimonious hypocrisy.

  Representatives for Legend did not immediately respond to Fox News requests for comment.

  Fox News Nate Day contributed to this report.




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